• Paintbrushes


    Paintbrushes come in all shapes and sizes. Brushes can be made with natural or synthetic bristles, the tips can be flat, round, or the shape of a cat’s tongue and they come in small and large sizes. Are you curious which paintbrush can be used for what and why? On this page you will find information about the most commonly used paintbrushes and their suitable applications.

  • Flutes and their difference in colour

    Flutes and their difference in colour

    You might expect that you can recognise the type of wood used for a flute by its colour. For example, flutes made of cherry wood are dark brown, or flutes made of pear wood are instead very light brown. Yet this is not the case. The colour of the same type of wood can be very different and depends on various factors, but what are they? 

  • Crayon Drawing

    Crayon Drawing

    Beeswax crayon drawing is often used in Waldorf schools as a form of art education for young children. Read more about the what, why and how of this drawing material and how it is used in art education!